Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Houston, Texas

Bathroom remodeling cost in Houston, Texas ranges from $6,400 to $37,500 depending on the size your bathroom and the extent of your renovation. To get a more accurate cost for your bathroom remodeling project, request a quote. Please note that if you use our matching service, we may be compensated.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost
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February 10, 2023 01:09 PM

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How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Houston, TX?

Bathroom remodeling cost ranges from $6,400 to $37,500 depending on the size your bathroom and the extent of your renovation. A full bathroom renovation involves demolishing nearly everything in the bathroom and installing new toilet, sink, tub, shower, tile, light fixtures, and outlets.

This guide is intended to provide you an approximate bathroom remodeling cost in your area. To get a quote for your specific project, Click Here for a Free Estimate. Our research, which includes feedback provided by bathroom contractors, resulted in the following bathroom remodel cost in Houston, TX.

How much does a partial bathroom remodel cost in Houston?

A partial bathroom renovation cost ranges from $2,200 to $5,800. An example of this type remodel might include replacing the toilet, vanity, some tile work, and repainting.

How much does a full bathroom remodeling cost in Houston?

The cost of a full bathroom renovation in Houston varies based on the size of your bathroom and the extent of the renovation. We have broken the costs down by size to provide a general range for what you might expect when you receive a quote.

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Factors that Influence Bathroom Remodel Cost in Houston

When bathroom renovation contractors come to your house to provide you an estimate, they will consider a number of factors that can increase or decrease the cost of your project. Pricing for your bathroom remodeling project will vary based on the features you decide to replace. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you get quotes from bathroom contractors:

Your prices may be higher when:

Your prices may be lower when:

Bathroom Contractors in Houston, TX

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Northeast Houston Renovation We are a design-build remodeling company. We can help you develop your concept, render it in 3d and build it. Our aim is to provide you with a turnkey service allowing you to focus on your day to day life and spending time with your family. We will take the complexity of out of traditional remodeling and make the process fun and enjoyable for you.

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People Also Ask : Bathroom Remodeling FAQs

There are a number of questions people like to ask about bathroom remodeling. Here are the top questions:

You can find bathroom contractors in Houston by 1) asking a neighbor for a referral, 2) searching for “bathroom contractors” in your favorite search engine, 3) using a traditional paper directory resource (yellow pages), 4) looking for ads on your local TV station, 5) using an online matching service.

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This is difficult to answer because bathroom remodeling cost ranges from $6,400 (smaller bathroom) to $37,500 (larger bathroom). Budget according to the size and quality of the bathroom you intend to remodel. The best way to get an accurate cost to establish your budget is to request a quote from several bathroom contractors that is based on the project you want done.

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Toilet installation cost in Houston, TX ranges from $270 to $730. These costs are for a standard toilet and do not include high end automated toilets or bidets.

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