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Planning Your Deck

Every good project starts with planning. Not every project requires an architect. You can sketch the project yourself and provide your thoughts to a deck builder. It is important, however, that your project meet all local codes and many jurisdictions have been much more thoughtful in recent years, especially with elevated structures.

Things to Think About

- Will your deck be attached to your house and if so, do you have a door that will access it? If not, you will also need to consider building a new access to your decks. Building decks that are attached to your home will require thoughts such as how to cut into existing siding (and assuring that what is left is properly waterproofed).

- Where are your footers (posts)? You will need to be able to dig in the locations of your footers. Often your posts will be imbedded into concrete footers, so you will need enough clearance from objects in the ground.

- Size of beams and joists will have to be determined. This is one reason that having a good decks contractor is helpful. they can help determine the sizing and placement of joists and beams.

- What type of material do you want to use? This includes types of wood or composite materials. Not all decks are built of wood these days. There are other composite materials you may want to consider (composite wood materials, plastic, and others). These other materials may be more expensive, but often have fewer maintenance issues.

Deck Permits

Most local governments require permits, especially if it is elevated or attached to your home. Not only is it important to get a permit and have inspections, your insurance policy may not cover a accident if it did not have a permit when it was constructed (and sometimes if it does not meet current codes.

Permit review agencies will review plans prior to construction and often require inspections during construction.

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