newark-nj-metal-roof-cost Metal Roof Cost in Newark, New Jersey

Metal Roof Cost in Newark, New Jersey

Metal roof cost in Newark, New Jersey ranges from $8,800 to $47,600 depending on the size of your roof and type of roof system used. A basic 1,500-sf standing seam metal roof costs around $16,800. Metal roof cost ranges from $8.80 to $13.60 per square foot. The term "metal roof" includes roof types such as copper, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc. Therefore the prices in this guide are general in nature. To get a more accurate cost for your metal roof project, request a quote.

Metal Roof Cost
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How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost in Newark, NJ?

This guide is intended to provide you an approximate cost of a metal roof in your area. Metal roof cost varies significantly depending upon the material used and thus requires a detailed estimate. To get a quote for your specific project, Click Here for a Free Estimate. Our research, which includes feedback provided by local roofing contractors, resulted in the following metal roof prices in Newark, NJ.

Metal roof cost:

New roof cost based on the size of your roof:

Metal roof cost per square foot:

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Factors that Influence Metal Roof Cost in Newark

When a contractor comes to your house to provide you an estimate, they will consider a number of factors that can increase or decrease the cost of your project. Pricing for your metal roof project will vary based on the height of your house, the size of your house, and the type of metal you chose, and the type of shingle you select. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Your prices may be higher when:

Your prices may be lower when:

Price(less) Quotes from Local Roofers Near Newark, NJ

H. Recinos Roofing Contractors For the past 13 years, H. Recinos Roofing has earned it's reputation as New Jersey's TRUSTED roofer by providing quality workmanship that is affordable, dependable and guaranteed. Whether you're looking to install a new roof or repair an existing one, we are here to help. Our new roof installation encompasses new construction to re-roofing (installing a roof over an existing roof) to tear-offs (removing an old roof and installing a new one). We also offer short-term solutions for fixing roofs and we are available if you need an emergency roof repair. Over the past 13 years, we installed over 2,000 roofs and have mastered various roofing materials and surfaces, including cedar shake and asphalt shingles, tile, slate, and flat roofs. We not only provide the best roofing solution for the functionality of your roof, but one that also compliments and enhances the appearance of your home or building.

Penn Roofing At Penn Roofing, we are proud to be the preferred New Jersey roofing contractor locals depend on. That's because we take this line of work seriously, as roofing work should be treated. The reality is that your rooftop is the most important feature of your home or business because it safeguards the rest of the structure, as well as the people and property inside. Every aspect of the work that goes into your roofing, from the installation and inspections to the repairs and eventual replacement, must be topnotch. Settle for anything less and you are putting the very structural integrity at risk, something you can be rest assured our company will not do. We have been around since 1984 and have over 40 years worth of industry-related experience, all of which we intend to put to work to make the most of your roofing project.

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